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You can find our family lemonade stand at festivals, farm fairs, school events, and special events all over Ontario.

It's almost like we're on tour!



fresh flavour

Ours is the best lemonade you'll ever try. Here's why!

  • FRESH PRESSED - Every cup is fresh pressed right in front of you by Lemonade Dave himself!
  • NO ADDITIVES - Every cup contains nothing but lemons and our own homemade simple syrup, made fresh daily.
  • MAGICAL OILS - By pressing fresh, every cup naturally will include a small amount of fragile oil from the rind which adds an irreplaceable texture and flavour profile that must be enjoyed immediately. Bottoms up when you have a fresh cup of Lemonade Dave!

(SERVED SUSTAINABLY - Did we mention that we always use paper straws, recycled or compostable cups. Also, we'll give you a discount if you use you own cup?)


social good

Okay, we're not going to try to tell you we can change the world with lemonade. However, we do know that everyone loves it, so we created a mission to use lemonade for social good. We do community projects that provide opportunities for young kids/families to become part of our stand and keep 100% of the selling price. For the right cause, we donate everything right down to the lemons themselves and we embed community members right into our team. It makes things fun for everyone, the funds get raised, and often kids that have never tasted a fresh lemonade in their life finally get a chance! Stay tuned to our social media for posts to our #lemonade4good hashtag,  and pictures from recent events.


As part of our mission to use lemonade for social good, we love to do fundraising at schools and community events. We have a very simple model for helping your organization to raise funds and it really works! We've got many years experience running a high-volume operation at events like the Jackman Spring Fair pictured below. Click here to learn more about our model and how you can make more money at your next event.

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contact us


Contact Dave today to book us for your next event!

Email: dave@zunior.com

Phone/Text: 416-417-5236

Serving at events in the GTA/Quinte Region/Prince Edward County